Wind Turbine Tower Blast and Paint

Airblast AFC is in a unique position to meet the specific demands of the wind turbine tower manufacturing industry. Our insight into the challenges faced when preparing and applying coatings to wind turbine towers has resulted in our recent award of two major contracts to design, manufacture and install spray booths and blast rooms for this market.

We estimate that our unique approach to this stage in the manufacturing process of wind turbine towers results in up to twice the production rates as compared to previous methods. Our approach is based not only on the latest technologies, but the also the very best use of those technologies.

Blast Rooms & Media Recovery Systems

Tested and proven throughout the world, Airblast AFC blast rooms typically utilize the Airflex Recovery Floor, which offers many advantages over other systems, including virtually silent working operation, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs, no compressed air consumption and little or no civil works required.

Blastman Automated Robot Blasting

Blastman robots offer much more efficient operation as compared to manual or wheel blasting. They combine large nozzles with high air pressures and state-of-the-art automation for maximum throughput and cost savings.

Paint Spray Booths

Our unique air control system ensures excellent airflow around the exterior and interior of the tower and the elevated temperature control offered by our advanced air jet system results in dramatically reduced processing times.

Overall, the unique combination of technologies utilized by Airblast AFC results in reduced energy consumption and significantly increased throughput as compared to competitive systems.