Wheel Blast Cabinets

Wheel blast cabinets are specialist machines that enable the quick and effective preparation of wheels that are due to be re-coated.

They are often deployed by those in the automotive industry, who benefit from the fact that wheel blast cabinets have been purpose built with this important function in mind.

Such cabinets come with a variety of different handling and loading devices, which ensure that users are still able to re-coat heavier wheels in a swift and efficient manner.

Each of Airblast AFC's wheel blast cabinets are made from 14 gauge (2mm thick), heavy duty, mild steel plate, with the faces all powder-coated for protection. The cabinets have a large 'clam shell' door, held up by gas struts.

Operators are able to use a wheel blast cabinet by placing their hands into the gauntlets and looking through the horizontal viewing window which, along with the wheel support, is angled to allow for ease of operation. Internal lighting makes it easy to see the whole wheel and operate to a high level of accuracy as the task is carried out.

Each wheel blast cabinet comes with an integral cartridge dust-extraction system, and this is managed by a delta P control unit. The system ensures that airborne particles are removed from the cabinet, helping the operator to see what they are doing throughout the process.

A pressure regulator and gauge unit is fitted as standard. These are able to make sure that a controlled air supply is used, making sure that you benefit from maximum performance from the blast gun units.

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