Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is a vital industrial process that ensures materials can be cleaned and coated, and are fit-for-purpose in whatever field they are required.

From wheels and machine parts to train carriages and wind turbines; structures large and small need the right level of surface preparation to ensure they both ‘look the part’ and are protected from the elements.

Airblast AFC provides an extensive range of blast room media recovery systems that can be put to use for a whole range of different applications.

The most popular product for surface preparation is the Airflex sweeper floor. The benefit of this system is that it allows abrasive media to be automatically recovered from under the feet of the operator, therefore providing a constant supply of new media and avoiding the need to keep stopping and starting.

There are, however, other systems for those in need of surface preparation services – ranging from ‘sweep to a point’ through to full floor automated recovery systems.

These include pneumatic recovery floors, auger screws and manual abrasive recovery systems. The latter uses either a large capacity bucket elevator or a Vaculift system.

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