Portable Pneumatic Abrasive Recovery System

The Airvac with Cyclone Separator is a cost effective, efficient, compact and portable pneumatic abrasive recovery system, which recovers abrasive for recycling.

This unit utilizes the Airvac as the primary mover and will produce excellent vacuum when supplied with an air connection of 250 CFM @ 100 PSI. At this level, a 5-6 tons (per hour) recovery rate may be achieved. With only two units, including a container or cyclone and dust collector, the system is flexible, rugged and easy to use, with equal performance to larger and pricier machines.

The abrasive recovery system can recover solids up to 2" in diameter from distances over 300'. Maintenance requirements and operator intervention are kept to a minimum, since the Airvac only has a single moving part. Since there are no requirements for electrical power, there is no fire or explosive risk, which is extremely important in flammable areas.

Materials are recovered through the suction head of the gulper and are moved through a rubber-lined tube into the cyclone separation chamber. The resulting vortex segregates fine dusts from larger, heavier particles. These bulkier particles then fall into the hopper container with the help of gravity.

Dump valves on the hopper containers are operated by adjustable timers. These can be set to meet whatever the desired rate of recovery may be. All dust travels through the flexible tube to the collection point of the filter box, where eighteen filter socks trap the particles as the airstream moves through. Clean, filtered air is pushed out through the jet pump every time the machine pauses by pulsing it backward into the dust compartment located at the bottom of the filter box.