Portable Dust Collectors

The right portable dust collector helps you operate in the safest and most pleasant working environment possible.

That'€™s the aim for us at Airblast AFC, and we stock a range of products to meet the dust extraction needs of our customers.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our portable dust extractors use the most advanced technology available, making for the easiest, safest and most efficient systems on the market.

We aim to give you the right portable dust extraction service for your needs by taking into account factors such as the volume of air pumped into the system, the size of the chamber you require, and the type of media that needs to be used.

The rugged portable dust extractor, for example, is fitted with four collection bins that you can empty while the dust collector is still running. The dust collector fan has been designed with a higher pressure rating, which allows it to overcome higher static pressures typically found with the use of flexible ducts. The fan is equipped with a silencer so that the unit can provide powerful dust extraction while remaining within the maximum decibel limits for your facility.

'€''€'All Airblast AFC dust collection equipment features a standard bin balance system, which offers protection to the operator when disposing of the dust collected in the machine. By linking the outside of a bag placed in the collection bin, to the dirty side of the dust collector, we can prevent the bag from being pulled into the hopper of the extractor. This allows the operator to seal the bag and its contents before disposal.

Systems that do not employ this method often leave the operator engulfed in dust when emptying the contents of the collection bin.'€''€'Airblast AFC also manufactures"portable pneumatic abrasive recovery"units.

Get in touch with us if you want to discuss which portable dust collector or extraction service will be best for you.