Pneumatic Abrasive Recovery Systems

In addition to the preferred Airflex Recovery Floor System, pneumatic abrasive recovery systems may also be used with friable abrasives, which are typically prone to fast breakdown to dust.

Airblast AFC utilizes pneumatic abrasive recovery to keep dust from escaping the system. A variety of systems are available, ranging from powered cyclones used with plastic abrasives to venturi systems, which are more appropriate with other abrasive types. All systems may be used with various abrasive recovery types from simple "sweep to a point" to full floor, automated recovery systems.

Our pneumatic recovery floor allows for less dense media to be pneumatically recovered over large areas. Powered by a high pressure blower, our system includes an integrated system of valves that are linked to a number of recovery zones. Our control system automatically rotates through these zones, evacuating them of media one at a time. It is common in such facilities, particularly those facilities using plastic media, to add additional re-classification equipment, which may include one or more of the following:

  • Re-classification sieves eliminate oversize and undersized contaminants
  • De-ionizers eliminate static charge from the media
  • Magnetic separators eliminate ferrous contamination from within the media
  • Dense particle separators eliminate non-ferrous contamination from within the media