Optimal Blast Room Dust Ventilation

Airblast AFC has developed one of the most sophisticated systems for optimal blast room dust ventilation.

Having an efficient means of dust ventilation is vitally important for any blasting operation as it means that the operator is able to see clearly and the quality of the blast is improved by the absence of dust particles. That is why Airblast AFC aims for an extraction rate of 50fpm which can indefinitely suspend dust particles in the airstream to be filtered out through the dust collector.

Airblast AFC blast rooms are designed to allow air to enter at a high level and exit at a low level thereby working with gravity to efficiently remove dust. Other manufacturers may shy away from this method as it requires sophisticated air inlet and outlet fabrications which can lead to higher initial costs. However, the alternative method, which allows air to enter at a low level and exit at a high level, although cheaper, is far less efficient and can result in poor ventilation and a dusty, uncomfortable working environment.

Airblast AFC's dust ventilation systems allow for a virtually dust free blasting environment, improving safety, efficiency and blast quality. The video below demonstrates what can be achieved with optimal blast room dust ventilation.