Modular Blast Room

Custom facilities require a modular blast room, which offers a more flexible solution as compared to our containerized blast rooms or competitive blast rooms that do not offer equipment that is designed with specific customer requirements in mind.

Airblast AFC manufactures blast rooms primarily from 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal panels with a rubber lining to protect the surface, as well as to provide sound attenuation. Heavy duty product doors, purpose built halide light fixtures and carefully engineered air inlets and outlets are used to create a rugged blast room that provides years of reliable service.

Our blast room product doors are a perfect example of our overall design philosophy. Fabricated from heavy gauge, powder coated steel our product doors are rugged enough for even the most harsh blast environment. Airblast AFC also manufactures our own door hinges from steel plate to ensure that even the widest door does not sag.

Airblast AFC blast rooms are built to precise customer specifications and range in size from a 10' cube to one capable of processing rail cars, large aircraft and more.