Dust Collector

Airblast AFC's Blast Room Dust Collector is engineered to help ensure proper ventilation inside each blast room. Our Blast Room Dust Collectors are equipped with high efficiency cartridge filters which have an expanded capacity due to the patented inner cone of filtration media.

The inner cone provides uniform dispersion of back-pulsed air and opens up more usable space for airflow in the dust collector. All filter media delivers a minimum of 99.99% separation efficiency down to 0.5 micron by weight. Filters are automatically back-flush cleaned with periodic pulses of compressed air. The vertical design of our cartridges provides more efficient pulsing of dust, eliminating uneven dust loading associated with horizontally mounted cartridges, and the powerful cleaning system delivers 100% more cleaning energy than horizontal filter designs.

The Dust Collector Controller (DCC) provides a graphical user interface to control the pulse cleaning of the filters and both analogue and digital displays of the pressure drop across the filters. The DCC controls the automatic pulsing of the filters based on the differential pressure of the filters, so it only pulses when the filters are dirty, saving compressed air. The user can change multiple timing, cleaning, and alarm settings through the digital graphic interface.

Dust collection equipment includes the standard bin balance system, which offers protection to the operator when disposing of the dust collected in the machine. By linking the outside of a bag, placed in the collection bin, to the dirty side of the dust collector we can prevent the bag from being pulled into the hopper of the extractor. This allows the operator to seal the bag and its contents before disposal. Systems that do not employ this method often leave the operator engulfed in dust when emptying the contents of the collection bin.