Direct Suction Blast Cabinets

The Ergotech 850 Suction Cabinet is the blast cabinet of choice for low pressure and/or intermittent use. Direct suction cabinets work by pulling media onto an air stream, delivering it to the gun. These cabinets are adequate for many applications and often require relatively less air to operate.

Aiblast AFC utilizes ZERO's BNP suction blast gun, which directs a high speed mixture of air and abrasive to quickly remove corrosion, coatings, carbon build-up, etc. from the surface. The blast stream from a BNP gun will produce a uniform texture or can create an etched finish to increase bonding strength for coatings.

This high-performance gun provides a comfortable grip for the operator and allows precise control of the blast pattern. The BNP gun keeps the air jet and blast nozzle precisely aligned to maximize efficiency and minimize gun-body wear.

A nut at the gun outlet allows the operator to change nozzles without the use of tools. Gun accepts a variety of nozzles and extensions so operator can select the best nozzle size and nozzle composition for each specific application.

The gun works with most recyclable media, including glass bead, ceramic and aluminum oxide, as well as with some sizes of steel grit and shot. Customer should select the most appropriate media for each specific application.