Direct Pressure Blast Cabinets

The Ergotech 850 Direct Pressure Cabinet (pictured with a 7.5 liter blast pot, but also available with 30 liter pot) is the blast cabinet of choice for the most demanding production application. The larger 30 liter pressure vessel allows for longer periods of blast between refills of media from the cabinet hopper.

Typically, direct pressure blast cabinets will work faster than suction cabinets, but will also allow the delicate work of low pressure to be achieved that is more commonly thought to be associated with a suction-type cabinet.

These units are ideal for processing larger areas or for the removal of tougher corrosion or coatings. For the most demanding jobs, Airblast AFC will incorporate a 70 liter blast machine and cyclone unit.

For large flat areas, Airblast AFC can also utilize its fan blast nozzle, used with a 30 or 70 liter blast machine.