Containerized Blast Room

An Airblast AFC containerized blast room is made from a converted shipping container, which provides an economical solution when a weatherproof or transportable blast room is required.

A standard, mass-produced shipping container provides an excellent and affordable starting point when a containerized, weatherproof blast room is required. Airblast AFC does also offer custom-built, weatherproof containerized blast rooms in the cases where the size of a standard shipping container is not sufficient to meet the requirements of our customer.

These rugged, waterproof enclosures ideally lend themselves for conversion to a blast room where a transportable, economical solution is required. Our standard containerized blast rooms are available with inside dimensions of 8' wide x 8' high and 20' or 40' long. Generally, the last 5' of the container is used to house the blast machine and dust collector, making the Airblast AFC containerized blast room a complete, self-contained blast room system.