Bucket Elevator

Where items to be processed are heavy and/or varied in size, making the use of rails difficult, or for relatively low production blasting operations, a large volume abrasive storage elevator (bucket elevator) and steel blast room floor may be a viable option.

Airblast AFC offers a wide array of abrasive material storage elevators with a large-volume capacity, all of which allow enough abrasive to be contained and used without the operator stopping to recover media. This elevator includes all the features of our standard bucket elevator and air wash, which separates and reclassifies media as described below:

  1. First, abrasive material passes over a rotary sieve. The angle of the sieve is set to force large contaminants into a bin for collection which is situated at the level of the floor.
  2. Whatever particles make it past the sieve then pass through an air wash. The dust that remains will be removed by a blast through connected ductwork. From there, it will enter a dust extraction container.
  3. Spent particles of abrasive material are also trapped in the air stream. If they remain, they can cause damage to the media of the filter. To prevent this from happening, an air plenum is installed between the air wash chamber and the dust extractor container. Air passing through the plenum leaves spent abrasive material behind, which is then dropped into the collection bin detailed above.
  4. At last, the finished abrasive is deposited into the hopper kept above the machine.
  5. When all abrasive material in the machine is deposited - or whenever the operators releases the valve known as the dead man's handle - the machine will automatically be filled with unspent abrasive material from the above hopper.

Auger Screw Recovery Systems

In order to assist with the media recovery process and when a full floor automated system is not possible, Airblast AFC often utilizes a partial floor abrasive recovery system. These systems incorporate one or more auger screw conveyors, which typically include a series of longitudinal screws, along with a cross screw, which feeds the bucket elevator. These screws are generally laid out in an ½½H½½ configuration. Airblast AFC incorporates an adjustable baffle media metering plate covering and protecting the screw to prevent overloading.