The Airflex Recovery Floor may be used with a wide variety of abrasive media. A full recovery floor recovers abrasive material from directly under the operators' feet automatically and effectively gives the blaster an never-ending source of media, eliminating any need to halt production to recover necessary media.

The Airflex Sweeper Floor is made of modular corridors, each with flexible rubber blades situated at regular intervals. These blades are set against steel combs, allowing them to push or to pull the abrasive materials as needed, when the comb is behind the rubber. Every other stroke, the comb will pass through the abrasive material, and the rubber blade will pass over it.

Finally, collections of abrasive in the linear strips are dropped into a transversal corridor running at a right angle to the rest of the floor. This transversal corridor moves the abrasive material to a bucket elevator and air wash system where media separation occurs as described below:

  1. First, the abrasive material is tumbled over a rotary sieve. The angle of the sieve deposits large contaminate materials into a bin kept at the base of the machine.
  2. Everything that makes it through the first phase of filtration then passes through an air wash. Particles of dust and other very small contaminates are then extracted and blasted through connected ducts that lead away from the abrasive.
  3. Spent particles of abrasive materials will also be caught in the air stream. If allowed to remain there, these materials will cause damage to the media in the filter. To prevent this, an air plenum is installed between the air wash hopper and the duct that leads to dust extraction. Any remaining spent particulate matter falls from the stream of air and is then deposited in the collection bin detailed above.
  4. At the end of the process, finished abrasive material is deposited into the ampoule kept atop the blast machine.
  5. Once all the abrasive material in the blast machine has been delivered, or whenever the operator releases the valve known as the dead manā€™s handle, the machine is filled automatically with fresh abrasive material from the above hopper.

Benefits of Airflex Sweeper Floor over competitive systems:

  1. Little civil works required due to a floor depth of a miniscule 5.125". May also be installed above ground with no civil works required.
  2. Airflex Sweeper Floor is nearly soundless while in use.
  3. Relatively little energy consumption - one 2 HP motor can effectively drive a single floor section up to 100' long.
  4. Extended service life due to scraper blades that are flexible, and less maintenance compared to systems using fixed steel blades, screw type auger systems or pneumatic floor systems.
  5. During operation, there are no moving metal pieces in either the abrasive circuit or the hinges, which can cause grit ingress.
  6. Air consumption is not compressed. Floor sections are driven with 2 HP electric motors. Pneumatic drives may be incorporated into other systems, which run the risk of being damaged in dusty workspace environments.